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I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired lately. I’m busy with school and busy with… my other school. I was looking at a stack of my books and thought I’d post about some of the book covers that I really love.

happy design was found
and back! vintage inspired and delicious
lovely edition of the secret garden
bantam classics usually have good covers – this one uses a Whistler painting, appropriately titled The White Woman
there are several editions of Life of Pi, but this one is graphic, textural, and has a gorgeous color palette
Faith Ringgold’s work is always totally stunning
Carson Ellis is always whimsical and playful and everything she does is completely perfect
hard to choose between his covers, but I think I like this one best
amazing book, AMAZING cover art
the actual cover is gold leafed and it’s stunning
Richard McGuire is a genius
just give me all the Jane Mount
so scandi it hurts
every. single. Penguin. Clothbound. Classic.
I’ll stop now. But it’s my dream to own the entire collection.

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