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recent additions, vol. 2

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As I prepare myself for the Read Harder 2020 challenge, I try to buy a bunch of books upfront, to capitalize on the momentum I’m feeling at the start of the new challenge. Here are some of my most recent additions, fresh from my front porch.

Technically only 4 of these are for Read Harder (including a new edition of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, since I can’t find my old copy), but I’m excited nonetheless. The others are new releases, two YA books and a new edition/reprint of a classic children’s book. The YA books are pretty off-brand for me on the surface, but one is a novel in verse about Joan of Arc and the other is a highly rated horror that involves a mysterious disease and a boarding school situated on an isolated island, so neither are a stretch for my interests.

I’m excited to crack these open.

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